Barriers to Entry

One of the hardest things going for kids today is that it's nearly impossible for them to get into coding because of how apps look like today. See, for most people, the user interface is the application.

So if back in the day when we said "application" we meant this:


Nowadays we say app we actually mean this:


The UI being the application, kids think that it's really hard to get into app development.

That's sad not because the barriers are too high; it's because the barriers don't exist. In fact, there's a game made in 1982 called Taipan! that's still in various app stores, like on Android:


People just have to stop thinking they have to make a Pokemon GO and and set their mind to making a Taipan! instead.

The real substance of software development lies in logic, although its appeal will almost always rely in visuals. That being said -- it's harder for beginners to pin down their logic, so better deal with that first.

Jon Limjap

Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies |Technical Advisor at PageUp | Philippine .NET User Group Lead | Photographer | Scale Modeler

Manila, Philippines